You may have seen Dom sitting.  But now he's tumbling.  A video that has been seen countless millions of times on tumblr and Facebook, where it continues to gross reposts and ingenious comments.  Dom is hot fire.

Nobody tumbles through a double layout.  But Dom absolutely does.  His tumbling combinations are completely out of this world.  You have to see to believe it!

As a coach and pro tricking athlete, Dom is known as an absolute anomaly in the sport of gymnastics and Martial arts tricking.

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Dom Lewis

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RedBull Pro Tricker and notorious daredevil Bailey Payne is skyrocketing into the stratosphere of becoming a household name, with a growing resume of appearances and accomplishments in the tricking world.  

Bailey Payne recently became the first to do a backflip on a surfboard.  He got both his shoes knocked clean off while backflipping over a speeding Audi R8, and is one of RedBull's top athletes of 2017.  He holds world records for most corks, amongst more obscure accomplishments.

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Jack Payne

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Producer and host of the Flipside, Leland Tilden created the Flipside in 2008 to showcase the world's finest stunt talent.  Since, he has garnered over a million fans and followers on Instagram and YouTube for his unique brand of content,  continuously capturing viral moments on film. 

The Flipside's massive following has attracted world-class talent to collaborate on videos, producing some of the greatest action content that can be seen in the videos section

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Known for his phenominal tumbling abilities and shocking stunts on concrete, Jack "Shark" Payne is a force to be reckoned with in Cheerleading battles and on America's Got Talent, where he has displayed his acrobatics for the world to see.  

An Instagram star and tumbling expert, Jack lives the rockstar life of traveling and teaching tumbling clinics at gymnastics and cheerleading gyms.  

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Pro Martial Arts Tricker and 2nd Degree black belt holder Adam C. Devenport is known for having some extreme, elite skills, producing seemingly never ending combos, executed with style and finesse.

Adam is a professional gymnastics, cheerleading and parkour/free-running coach, and is certified to instruct all levels of tricking and martial arts.  

Check out his vlogs on Youtube, and follow his antics on Instagram if you like perfectly stuck landings and bind-blowing webster sequences involving simultaneous juggling.  You've gotta see it to believe it.​